About us

About our lanparties :

Since 2001 we organize lanparties under the name DrWeB-lan. Our last DrWeB-lanparty was a few years ago (2007). Which doesn't mean that we didn't participate in the belgian lanscene ! But as the years went by we did miss the old-skool lanparties, like OCC, Lanscape and the older FOM-editions.

After going to FOM 14.0 in 2012 (we call it the ballroom-edition) we decided to go back to the roots of lanparties : gaming, gaming, gaming and fun, laughter and meeting our friends from all over the world. Nikki and Capeman were actively involved in the Frag-O-Matic lanparties. But after FOM 14, they joined our clan, so we got together and decided to start organizing a new lanparty.

In 2013, we changed the name of our lanparties to CU-LAN. After all, going to a lanparty is the best way to meet-up with your fellow-clan members from all over the world, so "see you @ lan" became CU-LAN ! We found a very nice location in Geraardsbergen and a perfect weekend in November. We also created a non-profit organisation (DCM-Events VZW/ASBL) and we divided all the tasks. A new lanparty was born !

About the DCM-clan :

DrWeB & the Captain Morgan's (DCM) is a group of 'fungamers'. Together we played online almost every single day and we only have one goal : having fun !

Winning is not important but cheating or hacking is unacceptable !

The origin of our clan-name is historical :
'Captain Morgans' has been borrowed from the Jamaican rum 'Captain Morgan' as we like to come together and taste the good things in life :)
'DrWeB' has been borrowed from the radio-show 'DrWeB' that was on air every sunday-evening at TopRadio Data way back in 2003.

We mainly play FPS-games (First-Person-Shooters) like Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and Battlefield. From time to time, we also play some racing games like Flatout 2, Blur and Dirt Showdown.

Every year, we also participate to other lanpartys like ULF, VivesLan, ....
When we go to lanparties we join-up with some other clans that became friends through the years.