SELECTAIR Highland Games Fun Compo Winning Team : ULF Prizes : MadCatz F.R.E.Q. 5 Gaming Headset MadCatz Mobile F.R.E.Q. Wired Headset MadCatz Titanfall G.L.I.D.E. 3 Gaming Surface 2nd Team : Impulse Gaming Prizes : 24x Monster Energy Drink 3rd Team : DCM Prizes : Gamdias Ares Gaming Bundle Gamegear Best Dressed Highlander Winner : Yoda […]

CU-LAN Videos

CU-LAN 2016 – Lan Of Duty CU-LAN 2015 – Aloha in Hawaii   CU-LAN 2014 – The Highlander Edition

MadCatz Alien Arena Brackets

Galaxy opstarten (IRC in Galaxy afzetten) Alien Arena Join Game => connect In console de volgende opdracht ingeven “password culan2014” (zonder de aanhalingstekens)


Er zijn werken aan het kruispunt van de straat waar CU-LAN doorgaat. Het kruispunt van de Denderstraat – Wijgaardstraat – Kaai – Zakkaai is helemaal afgesloten. Hierbij een plannetje hoe je alsnog CU-LAN met de wagen kunt bereiken :

Order your breakfast

Every morning we have special breakfast pastries, fresh from the bakery ! If you want breakfast Saturday-morning, you have to place your order before you come to the lanparty as we have to order the breakfast Friday-afternoon at 15h. Click here to order your breakfast (login required).

VbKez Raceseat

Are you a race-freak ? Well VbKez from the 666-gamers brings along his homemade raceseat so you can have a testdrive !

Team Insulted Hearthstone


  1. Rules The play method we use is the “Last Hero Standing” module, single-elimination format. Players will enter a lobby with their opponent. They will play 5 battles maximum. The player that loses 3 battles, first, in total is out of the compo and the winner will go up on the ladder. The deck […]

G DATA League of Legends Competition

 It’s becoming a classic and we now a lot of you love to play this game, so we present: The G DATA League of Legends Compo!!! You can find the rulebooks and subscription form here! Subscriptions will be closed November 7th @ 22h

Func Counterstrike: Global Offensive Competition

It was the flawless winner of our poll for the second compo of your choice, so we present to you: The Func Counterstrike: Global Offensive compo!! Go and check out the rules and subscribe to the tournament here! Subscriptions are opened until November 7th @ 22h Don’t miss out on it, because it’s going to […]

GDATA League Of Legends

  1. Game info Title : League of Legends Matchmode : Tournament Draft, Summoner’s Rift, 5on5 Team size : 5 vs 5 (3 vs 3 if only a few teams) Tournament Type : Best of One (BO1) after cup BO3 Ban Mode: 1-1-1-1-1-1 (each team bans 3 champions) How to ban: The lower seeded team […]

MadCatz Alien Arena Competition

We present to you the MadCatz Alien Arena Compo!! Fast paced shooter action in a free to play game with some very nice MadCatz Prizes! Check it out!! Click here to see the rules and to subscribe Subscriptions are open until November 7th @ 22h!